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Monday, June 13, 2016

Art Deco Police and Fire Stations Part I

Police and Fire Station No 11
Montreal, Canada 1931-1932

Police and Fire Station No 12
Montreal, Canada 1931-1932

There are more Art Deco Police and Fire Stations in Montreal, just check the other numbers! ;)

Seattle, USA 1931

London Lambeth Fire Brigade UK 1937

Tulsa Fire Alarm Building USA 1931

Rochester Fire Department Headquarters 
New York 1936

Old Fire Station (Now Museo de Arte Popular)
Mexico DF 1927

Municipal Market of Sao Paulo, Brazil 1928 - 1933

The Municipal Market of São Paulo
Portuguese: Mercado Municipal Paulistano, Mercado Municipal de São Paulo or commonly known as the Mercadão or "big market"

The market is noted for its stained glass. 
72 stained glass work of the Russian artist Conrado Sorgenicht Filho depicting aspects of food production in the São Paulo region.


The structure, built in the eclectic style, is noted for its columns, vaults and stained glass. 
It was constructed between 1928 and 1933 
Architect Francisco de Paula Ramos de Azevedo 
Façade designed by Felisberto Ranzini


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Art Deco Restaurants

Art Deco Restaurants from around the world

Lille, France 1928
(Recently closed)

Freemasons Tavern
Brighton and Hove, UK 1928

A 19th century pub with an Art Deco renovation in 1928 when a restaurant was added.
Local architecture firm Denman & Son designed an ornate Art Deco interior and an elaborate entrance adorned with Masonic symbols.

Detail of Mosaic Work

Mickey's Diner 
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States 1937-1939

Michelin House
London, UK 1911
Headquarters and tyre depot for the Michelin Tyre Company Ltd.
Nowadays a restaurant.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Art Deco Book Covers and Dust Jackets

You can click on the photos to buy most of these books
Some are rare so expensive..

"Nightlife Vanity Fair’s Intimate Guide To New York After Dark" by Charles G. Shaw, 1931

The Dance of the Machines/ The American Short Story and the Industrial Age" by Edward J. O'Brien, 1929

"Rings on her fingers" by Rhys Davies, 1930

"The Swan Island Murders" by Victoria Lincoln, 1930

"Gallows' Orchard" by Claire Spencer" 1930

The Blue Rajah Murder" by Harold Macgrath, 1930

Many Mansions by Henry C Rowland, 1932

Keeper of the Keys: A Charlie Chan Story Hardcover by Earl Derr Biggers, 1932

"New York" by Paul Morand, 1930

The Invisible Host" by Gwen Bristow , 1930

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lincoln Bank Tower, Indiana 1929

The Lincoln Tower in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, is an Art Deco highrise building. 

Construction started in late 1929 with the building's opening in 1930


Lincoln Bank Tower entrance detail.

Seven bronze panels at the main entrance depict scenes from the life of President Abraham Lincoln.

At the top of the building is a slender observation tower topped by a flagpole.

1930's Postcard

There are large art deco murals depicting the industries and the seasons, using elemental symbolism from Greek and Egyptian traditions.

A female form to represent fecundity and the sun to represent energy. 

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