Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beautiful Art Deco Buildings That Don't Exist Anymore Part 2

Sometimes it's an accident like a fire... sometimes it's an act of god like an earthquake... but most times it's about building a new parking lot or some ugly new flats.

It just seems crazy that 80+ years old architecture can be destroyed without a say from city planners or the Office of Historic Resources.

Gilmore Theatre, Los Angeles
This Drive in Cinema opened in 1948. Open until mid 70’s.
It was demolished in the 80's.

ModernCraft Laundry, Willoughby, Los Angeles 1920's
Demolished June 2014

"La Reserve" Restaurant in Agadir Beach, Morocco.
Built in 1951.
The building was destroyed in 1960 during an earthquake.

Josephine Apartments, Houston USA 1939
Demolished 9th May 2014

Hospital Pedro Borrás La Habana
Built in 1933 in Havana, Cuba
Demolished 15th January 2015

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